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I have been a photographer since junior high where I used to develop my own black and white pictures in the school darkroom. I played with this love of photography for many years and digital SLR cameras have made it that much more enjoyable. Now, I'd like to share my time and talent with you. I use Nikon's flagship crop sensor D500 DSLR frame and professional-level lenses on all my photos. I'll shoot outdoors or indoors...it doesn't matter. Want to capture a sporting event? That's one of my favorite things to photograph! Headshot, graduation photo, etc? Done! Call, text, or email me; I'd love to work with you!


I thoroughly enjoy taking photos. Equally so, I enjoy sharing my photos with others and knowing they appreciate and take pleasure in them as well. As such, if you're interested in getting a digital copy of one of my photos for your personal, not-for-profit use, please contact me...each digital file is only $40 and is suitable for blowing up to portrait sizes or larger. I have one client who's enlarged several photos over 3 feet wide and they came out great!


If you are in the Oklahoma City area and are in need of a photographer (no weddings, please), give me a shout. I charge $125 an hour for a single location and up to 7 digital photos. Use the form on this site, email me at captainronphotography@gmail.com, or text/call me at 405-802-8201. I look forward to hearing from you!

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